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Code Description Colour Price
SW/03/02 Safe Walk Crutches Blue £18.00 per pair
SW/05/02 Safe Walk Crutches White £18.00 per pair
SW/02/02 Safe Walk Crutches Black £18.00 per pair
SW/04/02 Safe Walk Crutches Red £18.00 per pair
SW/15/02 Safe Walk Crutches Violet £18.00 per pair
SW/01/02 Safe Walk Crutches Beige £18.00 per pair
CO/03/02 Comfort Crutches Blue £19.50 per pair
CO/05/02 Comfort Crutches White £19.50 per pair
CO/02/02 Comfort Crutches Black £19.50 per pair
CO/04/02 Comfort Crutches Red £19.50 per pair
CO/15/02 Comfort Crutches Violet £19.50 per pair
CO/01/02 Comfort Crutches Beige £19.50 per pair
OP/03/02 Opti Comfort Premium Crutches Blue £23.50 per pair
OP/05/02 Opti Comfort Premium Crutches White £23.50 per pair
OP/02/02 Opti Comfort Premium Crutches Black £23.50 per pair
OP/04/02 Opti Comfort Premium Crutches Red £23.50 per pair
OP/15/02 Opti Comfort Premium Crutches Violet £23.50 per pair
OP/01/02 Opti Comfort Premium Crutches Beige £23.50 per pair
ET/03/02 Ergo Tech Crutches Blue £28.00 per pair
ET/05/02 Ergo Tech Crutches White £28.00 per pair
ET/02/02 Ergo Tech Crutches Black £28.00 per pair
ET/04/02 Ergo Tech Crutches Red £28.00 per pair
ET/15/02 Ergo Tech Crutches Violet £28.00 per pair
ET/01/02 Ergo Tech Crutches Beige £28.00 per pair
EDS/02/07 ErgoDynamic Crutches Small Black £38.00 per pair
EDM/02/07 ErgoDynamic Crutches Medium Black £38.00 per pair
EDL/02/07 ErgoDynamic Crutches Large Black £38.00 per pair
EDS/05/02 ErgoDynamic Crutches Small White £38.00 per pair
EDM/05/02 ErgoDynamic Crutches Medium White £38.00 per pair
EDL/05/02 ErgoDynamic Crutches Large White £38.00 per pair
SS/02/02 Soft Step Black £15.26
SS/05/02 Soft Step White £15.26
SS/03/02 Soft Step Blue £15.26
TR/05/07 Tripod Black £9.34
BA/07/00 Replacement Bases for Crutches Black £1.68
LD/07/00 Locking Devices   £0.78 each
FP/06/00 Forearm Protection Black £4.04
FP/06/00 Forearm Protection Yellow £4.04
WS/06/02 Wrist Straps Yellow £3.5 per pair
GS/02/00 Grip Safe Walk Black £1.86 per pair
GC/02/00 Grip Comfort Black £4.04 per pair
GO/02/00 Grip Opti Comfort Black £4.58 per pair


All orders under £15 = £2.50 postage

All orders £15-£25 = £10 postage

All Orders £25-£40 = £15 Postage

All orders £40 and over = £20 Postage

Orders over £100.00 are free.


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Order Form PDF, 0.1 Mb



Ergonomic Walking Aids PDF, 1 Mb

ergonomic walking aids product pdf.pdf


FDI Elbow Crutches Operating Instructions PDF, 0.4 Mb

FDI Elbow Crutches Operating Instructions Recto Verso 05 2012.pdf


Brochure PDF, 3.9 Mb

brochure 1.pdf