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Customer Comments

Following the success of our stand at the COPA Physiotherapy Exhibition and the subsequent enquiries we have received, we have decided to publish comments from patients who have purchased the aids

TWJG Brighton
I bought a pair of crutches from your company in May this year., I had fractured my ankle bone in a fall and had been given a pair of crutches by the hospital in Brighton.
I found that as I am 6ft 4”, I had to stoop even at the maximum extention
Also the hand grip caused my hands to swell due to putting all my weight on them
Your crutches extended further so that I could walk upright but still be supported by both hand and arm supports. IU would certainly recommend them to others

Similar recommendations received from others.

CV Petersfield
I had a break in one of the bones in my right foot and I purchased a pair of crutches on recommendation from a friend . IK found they were light, comfortable and easy to adjust. I also like the fact that I can buy all the spare parts for them.


“Just want to say thank for the brochure that was included with my “tens” machine I was able to order the crutches from the web site and find they are 500% better than standard issue ones from  the physio.

Thanks again




“ I would just like to say how impressed I am after receiving my pair of “soft step” crutches.My grandson is so impressed that he has taken them for himself, so I will be ordering again. Thanks so much”
Name withheld


“ To customer Services, Dear Sir
Please pass on my thanks to the very nice gentleman who I spoke with last week. He was very helpful and I have now received my walking aid crutch which I am very satisfied with. It is a great help. Thanks again”

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We are currently updating our customer feedback.

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