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Ergonomic Walking Aids


A new branch this focuses on the individual’s health and wellbeing. We have started with Ergonomic Walking Aids. The company which manufacturers them in France required a distributor in the UK to take care of the many enquiries received on their web site, and so we have joined forces to accommodate this.

We intend to add products such as Blood pressure monitors and Blood sugar monitors to the company’s portfolio to enhance the ethos of “improvement of health”

If you would like to be informed regarding the products of this growing Group of companies please fill out the form. It will be kept secure and not shared with any other company outside the group.

£38.00 + P&P


Elbow crutch with integrated shock absorbing system

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£28.00 + P&P


Elbow crutch adaptable to user’s morphology, equipped with fold-up handle and ultrasoft grip

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£23.50 + P&P


Elbow crutch equipped with ultrasoft grip and soft forearm protection

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£19.50 + P&P


Elbow crutch equipped with soft grip

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£18.00 + P&P


Elbow crutch

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£15.26 + P&P

Soft Step

Walking Stick

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Accessories and Spare Parts

A range of additional and replacement parts

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Operating Instructions

Download the Operating Instructions of our products

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Main Features


  • All models available in 5 regular colours
  • Tubes in high quality aluminium for maximum strength with a minimum weight
  • Patented “Backbone Structure”: aluminium tubes all the way to the top of the crutch for maximum rigidity and safety.
  • Interchangeable grip (patented)
  • Protective epoxy lacquering of the tubes
  • Equipped with flexible base (or ferrule) to prevent slipping


On all models the grip can be easily removed and replaced